learning from experience

pussie union

1.I have written many times 5 sets has got go– kills the players and unless you are a groupie of one of the players no one watches 5 sets in total–

2. tennis nees a curfew at 12:00am–last week 2 matches ended at 1:00 am one at 2:00am– kills the payers and only 20 people are still watching

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get back

get back

to absorb the power get back past the baseline to give you more time to react and track the shot down

on the ground

on the ground

at times to get below the incoming flight path you must get on the ground


point the racquet tip to the ground to uncrease the low to high swing

hug the finish

on the serve finish bring the hitting hand to the opposite pocket– hug the finish– Pare has the best hug in tennis