Month: June 2019

long through the path of the finish

Last night Matt Olson hit 2 home runs for the A’s– he goes long through the hit zone– you want to hit the tennis shot the same way– long through your path to the finish zone

drop start

we show you different starts to the serve–here Stan drop his racquet to his toes– nothing is correct — you need to have constant start

unit turn

to get the step through hit both feet turn on the preparation

guest post from the past

I am probably one of the readers of this website that watched Scott Perlstein play tennis in college.  We both attended Wisconsin where Scott excelled.  While being short in stature, he certainly made up for it with tremendous hustle, great footwork, and a fierce competitive spirit.  Could not prouder of his accomplishments. Denny Schackter Tennis Priorities, Inc.

body hitting

these days as much as possible you want to bring your backside through on the hit–use all your pounds to hit