learning from experience

Understanding Tennis

sad day

today Kobe Byant and his 13 year old daughter died in a helicopter crash== Last week Djoky was talking about his friendship with Kobe– how

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shake it off

if you make an error don’t correct it– shake it off and go back to your video and do it right– if you correct it

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front foot

to be able to rotate through on your shot the front foot must be facing open toward the net direction

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catch and adjust

2 teaching elements from yesterday–if you don’t like the toss catch it both Venus and Coco caught a bunch–if you are getting beat up by

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both elbows up

all the elements — front foot slightly forward– both elbows up– kiss the shoulder– rotate the body to get the over the shoulder finish

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hold the curl

by holding the wrist curl– keeping the racquet face down longer –you will be forced to get more head speed coming out of it

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