Month: January 2020

body hitting

as much as you can you want to hit with all your body by bringing the backside through on the hit

shake it off

if you make an error don’t correct it– shake it off and go back to your video and do it right– if you correct it often you will make the opposite mistake– last night Misha hit a shot in the net and he hit the next one long–one miss happens — don’t turn it into two

front foot

to be able to rotate through on your shot the front foot must be facing open toward the net direction

rotate and run

on the step up shot rotate your upper body to get the racquet preparation and run at the same time

catch and adjust

2 teaching elements from yesterday–if you don’t like the toss catch it both Venus and Coco caught a bunch–if you are getting beat up by the serve go back a few feet to give yourself more time to react