Month: January 2019

elavato​​​r up

at some point you have to hit the shot– when the ball is still up you need to make the height adjustment before you hit

big up and out

on the one handed backhand you want to have a big incline up and out finish– bonus — puff the cheeks out and exhale on the hit

locate the tossing arm

you want to locate the tossing arm thinly near your cheek– the easiest path is to drop down to you pant leg and go straight up

go with the pitch

when the opponents are at the net and you are pulled off the court– if yu don’t see the opportunity to hit a passing shot– go with the pitch and hit alob

shake it off

one of the things the tc loves to talk about is how a loss of opportunity will adversely affect a player–anyone who plays at some point will have some lost oppoertunities— it is gone — move on — shake it off– one of the biggest skills in match play is to play each ball and every poit — you can’t be in the passt or in the future–