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reset --- October 22nd, 2014

when a point is over–you must reset your computer to play the next point– the last point is over — good or bad– get ready to move on and bring all your talents to the next point– the biggest element of the game to learn from Rafa is that every ball in every point matters

power --- October 22nd, 2014

Carillo makes great point today– power comes from timing and balance–it flows from that– when you try and kill the ball you will over hit it–what is very common — a player hits 3 or 4 controlled shots and then feels a need to kill it and blows it badly

Stubs --- October 21st, 2014

Stubs is doing a killing job commentating — Kvitova made 24 unforced errors in the first set– Stubs points out how hit and miss her game is

more toss --- October 21st, 2014

DSC_8032 tonight we are showing a side toss arm same concept arm all the way up– again why the toss this week– Sharapova had 15 doubles today–

growing the game --- October 20th, 2014

Stubs talks about Halep growth on her forehand- she said when she played her she hit only to Halep’s forehand because it was so inconsistent — now she controls the shot —- however on the middle shot she will hit her backhand —Stubs wants Bouchard to change her serve and learn how to play better defense

toss --- October 20th, 2014

DSC_6862on the toss you ned to locate your arm centered to the body– bicep to shoulder line- elbow inside– wrist inside — thumb inside your hand and the figures make a four– why toss again tonight- watching Ivanovic at wta finals tossing all over the map– toss is 80% of the serve — toss well serving is made easier