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wind --- March 24th, 2017

today it was windy in Miami– of all the elements wind is the toughest to deal with — a big part of what level separates is the ability to read and react — the wind gives the ball a whole new dance movement– this becomes a mental toughness day– you need to embrace the wind

feet apart --- March 23rd, 2017

one of the ways to add knee bending to your serve is to just drop down from your start stance

2 hands 2 hands --- March 21st, 2017

not often but even some pros use 2 hads on both sides— we start very young children like this

slight lead --- March 20th, 2017

on the slice backhand you want to have a slight lead of the bottom the racquet-

practice practice practice --- March 19th, 2017

Pat McEnroe talked about how Murray and Federer both added more offense to their game — spending lots of hours on the practice court before introducing the more aggressive tactics in matches

it is great to watch the Fed playing at such a high level winning IW
we have been going to IW for 33 years the new ticket prices have pushed us out–

still step in --- March 18th, 2017

even when you are furture back to receive the serve you want to take your one step in and balance