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fired --- July 23rd, 2014

Stephens fires Annacone– problem is me– or you — me or you– it is you– fired

spring up and out --- July 23rd, 2014

DSC_0041 we have been showing a series of leaping up to use your legs as a power source– you also want to leap forward — most of my students are amazed at the amount off the ground the hitter is getting

returns --- July 22nd, 2014

25-Fedon the return you want to reach out for the shot getting the hit point in front of your body– you want to square the hit point and you want to track the shot all the way in

Sampras feet deuce side --- July 21st, 2014

DSC_0219on the deuce side the front foot is up and the back foot’s heal is pointed toward the left net post– the front foot presets the weight transfer –the back foot pre sets the hip and shoulder rotation– bonus Tommie has the racquet face to the sky which presets the wrist action

core balance --- July 20th, 2014

DSC_0093 the key these days is to maintain core balance– shoulders are level — shoulders are over the hips– bonus the back knee is below flight path

faster not harder --- July 19th, 2014

one of Wood’s coaches today in the Chronicle taught tennis also– you want to swing faster not harder— the key is soft hands for soft grip that lets you racquet head accelerate through the hit