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drive the slice --- October 30th, 2014

DSC_8133on the slice once you make the slice contact you want to drive out on the shot– to teach this we have the student hit the cable on the net — you can’t drive down because the cable is in the way– long outs

run and reach and drive --- October 29th, 2014

DSC_7073on the volley we use a triple Sampras chant– run — reach and drive– use your feet on the volley

below the net --- October 28th, 2014

DSC_7070 on the volley below the net you baby open the face of the racquet and cary the shot up to net level

foot down --- October 27th, 2014

DSC_7329 you can have the Sampras balance of the back foot with the front foot down

long through the hit zone --- October 26th, 2014

– last night at the world series Harold Reynolds talked about how the Giants swing LONG THROUGH THE HIT ZONE– this is very important concept on your tennis swings– you want to crazy glue the ball on your strings as long as possible– by swinging long through the hit zone you will do this– i hate early abandonment of shots– either by chopping or pulling up to fast

dig out --- October 25th, 2014

DSC_7295on the very low forehand your best response is to hit the dig out slice shot– open the raqcuet face slightly and drive the shot up and out