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squeezed I --- November 24th, 2015

DSC_5555on the squeezed I set the server’s net partner stands near but off the middle and doesn’t have to duck to the ground

throw motion --- November 23rd, 2015

DSC_4702 (1) on the serve use your throw motion– go up and out at the same time

eyes over shoulder --- November 21st, 2015

IMG_6155on the open stance hit you still keep your eyes over the shoulder past the hit

angle in --- November 19th, 2015

IMG_6160on the wide serve you must angle in to return — cutting off the run of the hit

locate the tossing arm --- November 18th, 2015

DSC_4662 bicep to check line– elbow inside– wrist inside — figures stop the sky

backhand overhead --- November 17th, 2015

DSC_4576 every once in awhile you can’t run around a lob and you need stop hit a backhand overhead — you pull back and try an snap your wrist on the hit