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eyes over shoulder --- March 30th, 2015

DSC_0905 it is critical to hit the center of the racquet that you keep your eyes on the hit point past the hit– eyes over your shoulder for a beat

miami --- March 29th, 2015

punches in bunches– during the verdasco- nadal match they made a big point of how both stayed in an offensive control of the point through out- you need to punch in bunches maintaining control– the ball is coming back so hit it again

during the unwatchable lisicki- ivanovic match– they made the point how both had control and then hit the ball right to the opponent and had to start the point all over

annocone had lots of good laugh lines about Ivanovic’s toss– the best of many was she had the best serve of anyone who had a 7 foot toss range

split step --- March 28th, 2015

DSC_1021when you come to the net — just before the oponent hits you need to take a slit balancing step with your racquet up and in front of you

more spin out --- March 27th, 2015

DSC_0874 more on the overhead– early quarterback spin out– hands both up and on the racquet — head and eyes up

Eyes on contact point --- March 27th, 2015


Can’t say it enough – watch the ball hit the strings.

middle Yanks --- March 26th, 2015

DSC_0941Rafa has Yank to the middle of his head — he Yanks on the same side and to the middle of his head