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reach for the volley --- April 25th, 2015

DSC_1041you want to reach for the volley– having the tip of the racquet to the side and clearly in front of your body

spotting --- April 24th, 2015

DSC_1056spot the toss by getting on the back foot lean in and drop the ball — this gives you a perfect in front spot and sets the thin direction of the toss– Fed bonus the back foot sets after the spot

split step --- April 23rd, 2015

DSC_9890just before the opponent hits the shot when you are coming you need to take a neutral split step and get your racquet up and in front of your body

inside 4 --- April 22nd, 2015

DSC_1060on the toss the Fed gets his thumb to the sky– and the rest of the figures stay tight and make a 4– Fed’s tossing arm goes to the sky fully extended his eyes and head are up

blitzing --- April 21st, 2015

DSC_1076 when the opponent’s shot floats toward you — the move in to step up and hit a groundstroke on the fly– we call this shot a blitz

big incline --- April 20th, 2015

DSC_1074 my favorite chant is– elbow to the sky — racquet’s bottom label to the sky– watch Serena