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in front contact --- May 3rd, 2016

you are trying to attack the return and get the contact point in front of your body– on a power serve this is tough — watch the Fed reach out for the return

move through the step up --- May 2nd, 2016

these days we want you to move through the step up shot– some teach a hop through– we prefer the peaceful run through– either way- you are trying to put more body on the hit

at some point hit --- May 1st, 2016

at some point you need to stay core balanced and hit– it doesn’t matter what foot is in front

Last Straw ? --- May 1st, 2016

The BBC article only mentions that Dimitrov smashed 3 racquets, but nothing about why. Dimitrov broke his strings 5 times, the last one down 0-5, 40-30, his slice flying way long. He walked over to his bag, and broke the third racquet and then calmly shook hands with ump Mohammed.



body lean --- April 30th, 2016

when you serve you want to lean your whole body into the court to use your pounds to hit– to do this the toss must be in front

both elbows up --- April 29th, 2016

the two handed backhand follow through we like the most has both elbows up as you rotate over the shoulder- the lead foot is pointing to the net to enable the rotation