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thumb inside hand --- August 10th, 2017

on the toss get your thumb to the sky inside your hand the rest of the figures make a inclined out 4

world cup of tennis ? --- May 12th, 2017

The most interesting recent proposal in tennis comes from Pro Footballer Pique of Barcelona.

Details not clear yet but it is some form of team tennis, with all matches completed in one day. There would be a 7-10 day event with all the nations fielding their best players, in contrast to Davis cup which meanders through the year messing up the player’s schedules. If this follows soccer’s format, then the teams would be in groups and play each other, getting points for every win, and the winner goes through to the knock out or tournament style section, each team progressing by winning.

But this is NOT going to match the upcoming Federer/Nadal vs rest of the world, imagine Roger and Rafa playing doubles together…

wind --- March 24th, 2017

today it was windy in Miami– of all the elements wind is the toughest to deal with — a big part of what level separates is the ability to read and react — the wind gives the ball a whole new dance movement– this becomes a mental toughness day– you need to embrace the wind

feet apart --- March 23rd, 2017

one of the ways to add knee bending to your serve is to just drop down from your start stance

2 hands 2 hands --- March 21st, 2017

not often but even some pros use 2 hads on both sides— we start very young children like this

slight lead --- March 20th, 2017

on the slice backhand you want to have a slight lead of the bottom the racquet-