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sight through --- March 5th, 2015

DSC_8685on the toss you want to keep your tossing arm up and sight the toss through your hand–

pre set the wrist --- March 4th, 2015

DSC_8703 one of the ways to pre set the wrist action on the serve is to open the face of the racquet to the sky before you start– Edberg was one of the first Haas and Raonic are two of the stars who do this

make a play --- March 3rd, 2015

DSC_7715 in doubles you want the net player to be active– some players make plays in a huddle others make the play with hand signals

why jump --- March 2nd, 2015

81j-Kvitovayou need to hit the ball no higher than eye level- when it gets above that zone you want to jump and bring the ball into the zone

core centered --- March 1st, 2015

76-Novakeven when Djoky is spread out he stays core centered–this is the most important element of hitting these days stay core centered

angle in --- February 28th, 2015

94g-Ferrer on the wide serve to return this shot you must angle in and cut off the outside run of the serve