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cross over gather --- July 31st, 2015

DSC_0238 one of the ways to gather your hands after spotting is stop cross over the gathering spot– some feel it helps then keep the tossing arm from drifting

double dipping --- July 30th, 2015

DSC_0116to help get more hitting up get the back knee down and dip the racquet way below fight path

pre set loose wrist --- July 29th, 2015

DSC_2195one of the ways to pre set your loose wrist on the serve is to wrap past the gathering point

one handed basic backhand --- July 28th, 2015

DSC_2130on the basic one handed backhand– just incline up– leaving the edges of the racquet level– bonus back arm is close stop the body for balance

still a volley --- July 27th, 2015

DSC_2012 on the high incoming stroke you reach up and still hit a volley it is too low and fast to hit a overhead

make plays --- July 26th, 2015

DSC_0617in doubles you wants the net player to be as active as possible — you can make plays in a huddle or use hand signals