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serve and volley --- August 28th, 2015

DSC_3486when you serve and volley you must decisively run in and get your racquet up ad in front of you

pre set the wrist --- August 27th, 2015

DSC_3779one of the ways to pre set the wrist on the serve is to turn the racquet face to the sky on the gathering

move through --- August 26th, 2015

DSC_4038these days on the approach shot you want to peacefully move through it– it helps your power and helps you continuing to the net

open stance backhand --- August 25th, 2015

DSC_3992 on the open stance backhand — toes to the net — stay core centered

look back --- August 24th, 2015

DSC_3527 if you play one up and one back both players follow the ball– as the up player look back –know where the ball is at all times

up and out --- August 23rd, 2015

DSC_3470 watch back view of Stan’s backhand going up an out– long shoulder finish