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unit turning --- September 27th, 2016

as you prepare the racquet your whole body turns- this will enable you to swing and bring the backside through on the hit

let the fans in --- September 26th, 2016

often on the court there is only 2 back lines people– the center lines person runs over to the other side line — once you have someone at eye level running on the court during the point — you can’t moan about someone in the stands moving – let the fans in =especially dumb is making them wait 3 games in the beginning of each set

eyes and head --- September 25th, 2016

you want to keep your eyes and head on the contact point a beat past the hit

pre set the wrist --- September 24th, 2016

one of the ways to pre set the wrist action is to open the face of the racquet to the sky Raonic does this– early in the motion

the huddle --- September 23rd, 2016

in doubles you want to constantly communicate with your partner– some players use hand signals other huddle to discuss the game plan for the next point

get there --- September 22nd, 2016

I have worked with 2 players recently who complained that their mechanics break down– what is happening is their position breaks down– the key to being consistent is winning the race and spacing and timing the shot– when your position is good you don’t break down