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Sampras feet deuce side --- May 25th, 2016

front foot up and pause to pre set the weight transfer– back heal to the opposite net post to pre set the rotation– these 2 days of pictures you should try and copy

Sampras feet ad side --- May 24th, 2016

the front foot is up with the weight back to pre set the weight transfer — back foot has heal toward the opposite net post to pre set the rotation

Step Up on Serve --- May 23rd, 2016

on the serve a few players take step before they serve– we are going to show Ferrer today– as long as you don’t go over the line why not

get ready --- May 22nd, 2016

after you serve you must quickly get your racquet back in front of your body

backhand volley --- May 21st, 2016

you want to reach for the volley keeping your racquet head and hand over net level

start options --- May 20th, 2016

on the serve start a gather option is to place the ball under the racquet– on the return side– have the racquet level and around waist level