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tossing arm in --- December 10th, 2016

when the tossing arm come down it should collapse softly onto your body– this prevents opening your shoulders too soon

huddle --- December 9th, 2016

in doubles you want to make plays– either through hand signals or the huddle– this keeps both players involved in each point

rotate --- December 8th, 2016

the over the shoulder finish is a function of rotation — to rotate you must open the front hip — you must get your front foot pointed toward the net

standard doubles net player set --- December 7th, 2016

server’s partner is in the middle of the service square– racquet up and in front — looking forward

lob volley --- December 6th, 2016

on the lob volley still keep the racquet in front of you and open the face of the racquet and move up– the shot better work or you get your head taken off

spring in and up --- December 5th, 2016

as you add you legs to your serve you want to get the toss up and in front so you can spring in and up into your serve to gain more power