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countering the run around --- January 26th, 2015

Goodell on ESPN showed the tactic of countering the run around forehand– you attack the forehand side and make the player stay on that side– That is what Tim work with Martina playing Graf all those years ago

also Andre told Berdych that he must mix the location of his second serve

more spring up and out --- January 25th, 2015

DSC_7571 as you progress you want to add your legs as a power source– you want the toss in front of you and you want to lean in and leap up to the hit

pounds on --- January 24th, 2015

DSC_7518the biggest power source is your body wight — you want to lean into the toss and court to use those pounds– to do this the toss must be in front of you

split with racquet up --- January 23rd, 2015

DSC_8114when you go to the net just before the opponent hits you want want to take a neutral split step making sure your your racquet is up and in front of you

front foot and hip --- January 22nd, 2015

DSC_6829 to get the rotation over the shoulder you must have the front foot point more toward the net opening the front hip up thus allowing you to rotate the back hip

core balance --- January 21st, 2015

DSC_3664-Sas much as possible you want to maintain core balance– shoulders level — shoulders over the hips