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elbows up --- November 21st, 2014

DSC_2822-Sthe 2 handed backhand finish we like the most is both elbows are up– bonus front foot is toward the net to enable the rotation

low grab --- November 20th, 2014

DSC_8046many pros use the low grab– this helps set up the right amount of bend at the waist to help you get the right amount of body lift to get centered

2 Handed Volley --- November 19th, 2014


One of the best Two handed volleys – note how the racquet is moving forward like a piston, and the grip moves forward at the same speed as the racquet head

eyes up --- November 19th, 2014

DSC_7310on the overhead keep your eyes up and head up tracking the ball all the way into the hit

squeezed I --- November 18th, 2014

DSC_8520on the squeezed I formation the server’s partner stands in regular posture close to the middle slightly off the center

face down --- November 17th, 2014

DSC_2679-Sone of the ways to generate more racquet head speed is to place you racquet face down on the pull back– you have to come out of this to square up