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racquet up --- September 30th, 2014

DSC_8159 when you serve and volley as you come off the serve you must get your racquet up and in front of you

server’s job on poach --- September 29th, 2014

DSC_8028 the server must serve from no further out than the middle of his half otherwise he will never get to cover the other side– after the serve is hit the server must move quickly to the other side in case the poach is picked up

inside 4 --- September 28th, 2014

DSC_0035 on the toss you want to full extend your hand placing the thumb to the sky and have the other figures make a “4″

shoe upside down --- September 27th, 2014

DSC_6730 when you rotate your hips and shoulders to get the over the shoulder finish your back shoe should be upside down

reach out --- September 26th, 2014

DSC_8050 on the overhead ideally you want to contact the shot out in front of you and reach up for the shot– bonus– keep the eyes and head up past contact– non hitting arm on the body–

split step --- September 25th, 2014

DSC_8252when you come to the net just before the opponent hits the ball you need to take a balancing split step