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pounds on --- July 5th, 2015

DSC_9538to get your body weight on the serve the toss must be in front so you can lean in

day 6 --- July 4th, 2015

Dear family and friends
Day 6 is brilliant play in brilliant weather. Phil, Margaret and I start on Court 3 after a mad crush garners us the front row radar gun seats to see Troicki vs. Dustin Brown. Troicki takes the first two 6-4,7-6 in very entertaining play and now it’s time for Centre to start.
Roger takes on the hard-serving Australian Sam Groth. Roger plays nearly flawless tennis to go up 6-4,6-4. A pleasure to see. Sam pushes back for a 3rd set tiebreak but Roger regroups for 6-2 in the fourth despite some bad errors. Phil and I have a private bet about Sam’s fastest serve, which is 147 MPH for the match. He thought at least 151 so I win the bet. Is this now the Wimbledon record?

Next match is Kvitova vs. Jankovic and we both predict Petra will win in two. She is on track for this with a set and a break but it’s not to be as Jelena pushes back for 6-4,6-4 and victory. Many engaging rallies but many errors as well.
The big match is Murray vs Seppi and Murray dominates 6-2,6-2 in the first two with many extended rallies, retrieves and a few drop shots. At 1-2 in the third Andy is broken by a double fault and Seppi serves at 3-1. He presses on to take the third 6-1 and we have real drama on our hands in the fourth as Andy wins a 25 stroke rally to save a break point in the first game. To no avail as Seppi gets the break two points later for 1-0 and Andy takes a medical time out including neck manipulation right in front of us. Drama turns to high drama. On a 15 stroke rally Andy breaks back for 1-1 and yells c’mon. Hats off to the physio. Andy breaks again and Seppi serves at 1-3. The British are fully engaged again. Andy prevails 6-1 and there is joy in Mudville.
Cheers from Centre Court

missing --- July 4th, 2015

the pros miss–lots– one of the biggest skills in tennis is to shake off the error– never losing confidence in your game– if you miss – you either added to or subtracted from your video– close your eyes and take a practice swing and get tough and make yourself hit the shots

middle middle --- July 3rd, 2015

DSC_2059in doubles the ideal start spots for both players is the middle of the responsibility– net player is in the middle of the box — server is in the middle of his half of the court

forehand volley --- July 2nd, 2015

DSC_2038you want the break out in front of your body– inside your body — hand and racquet head up

day 3 --- July 1st, 2015

Dear family and friends
Day 3 was a short one for us. We got Court 2 seats on the radar gun and enjoyed a very engaging match between Stevie Johnson and Dimitrov(BUL). The initial set went to a 10-8 tiebreak and Stevie has a couple of set points but lets it get away. Dimitrov then rolls for 6-2. The third goes tiebreak as Stevie digs in but Dimitrov takes it for the match. Many good rallies and approaches to net. I’m impressed with how agile and limber Dimitrov is as he does acrobatic scrambling to retrieve shots. He does the splits.
Next up is Maria playing Hogenkamp(NED) and we watch half a set before leaving midafternoon for the Thursday queue, hoping to see Rafa, Roger or Andy tomorrow.
Cheers Richard