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racquet head up --- October 4th, 2015

DSC_5437even stretched out you want to keep your racquet head above your wrist

server on the I --- October 3rd, 2015

DSC_5531 on the I formation the serve stands near the middle as he may have to go either left or right

hug yourself --- October 2nd, 2015

DSC_3814on the overhead,like the serve, bring the hitting hand to the opposite pocket– hug yourself

more hand signals --- October 1st, 2015

DSC_5752 more hand signals by the net player–here Hingis is showing an open hand– meaning she is going to poach

your ball --- September 30th, 2015

DSC_5680as the net player the middle ball is clearly yours and a foot past that you should also cover

make plays --- September 29th, 2015

DSC_5512in doubles you want to have the net partner to be active– you want to huddle and make plays– telling each other where you are going to start and where you are going to go