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angle burst --- July 30th, 2014

DSC_0201on the wide passing shot you need to move in on the angle to cut if off–bonus– racquet head slightly above the wrist– clearly in front of the body

hug the finish --- July 29th, 2014

DSC_6739on the serve finish you want the hitting hand to go to the opposite hip — showing the racquet’s bottom label to the opponent– this maximizes the hip and shoulder rotation

line of arch --- July 28th, 2014

DSC_6759 when you use your legs your body arch should be a straight line– this should never hurt your back as you peacefully arching over — never sick your tush out

incline the tossing arm --- July 27th, 2014

DSC_6736 you want to incline out the tossing arm– still all the way up but leaned out to get the toss in front– bonus– perfect toss– bicep to cheek line– elbow inside– wrist inside- thumb up and inside the hand

elevator up --- July 26th, 2014

38-Hewitton the high ball the elevator goes up and you still get under or on the flight path of the shot and you will still hit up– bonus watch how early Lleyton squares up

track it in --- July 25th, 2014

226-Rafayou need to have your eyes track the ball all the way into the racquet– one of the keys is to keep your head parked up to and past the contact