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approach down the line --- December 19th, 2014

DSC_7420when you approach down the line and stay slightly to that side you have bisected the passing lanes– you can go cross court if that is a much weaker side or you better out it away otherwise you open the down the line pass which is pictured — and as you run over there you open the cross court pass

runners start --- December 18th, 2014

DSC_7194at the net and on serve return some players like to have one foot in front of the other — like a runners start

follow the ball --- December 17th, 2014

DSC_9326 in doubles you want to follow the ball- particularly on one up — one back– you ned to follow the ball and move off your partner’s hit

run and look --- December 16th, 2014

DSC_8273 when you get lobbed you chase running sideways and you look for the ball the whole time– it is like you are running down a fly ball

why no production --- December 15th, 2014

i had to go to Florida on family business this weekend. On my plane was one of the top US girls and her father coming home from the Orange bowl .She had just send months at the IMG facility– they also had spent time in Carson . They were very unhappy– feeling they ruined her serve at IMG — her dad was worried if she would ever get it back– he felt no one there was able to give her a good hitting work out–she also has been constantly dinged up with 5 different injuries– SI had an article on Tommie Brady this issue saying he has his own personal trainer– who with him set up a total program == from work out to eating and sleeping— in other words a full commitment to the job– so the conclusion is the USTA and families can’t find the right solution — thus few players make it — despite trying hard to accomplish the goal— it will take a full team to make a player– finding all the right trainers is very difficult as most people in all fields can’t do a great job– I talk about NFL coaches all the time– there are 32 jobs– you figure there must be 32 guy in the world who can do the job– there are only about 10.It is the same in any field–

across finish --- December 14th, 2014

DSC_3099-Sthe across finish still goes up but remains level at shoulder height– you get a little less top spin but move drive through