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sight through --- October 21st, 2016

on the serve you want to keep your tossing arm up for a beat and sight the ball through the tossing hand

quick up --- October 20th, 2016

on the overhead as soon as you make the read you want to spin out and get your hands up quickly– it is like you are a quarterback making a one step drop

level return stance --- October 19th, 2016

one of the choices for balancing on the serve return is to keep your feet on a straight line

core balance --- October 18th, 2016

for core balance we want your shoulders on a straight line and your shoulders over your hips– for a tall back

more angle the tossing arm in --- October 17th, 2016

to get the toss in front the whole body must lean in and the tossing arm must extend and incline out

Brady on winning --- October 16th, 2016

“You’re not going to win because you’re emotional,” he said. “I think having your attitude right — mentally and physically right — and easy to play, that allows you to be at your best