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more yanking --- July 25th, 2016

one of the times yanking is the best shot is when you are jammed– you pull up hitting your top spin shot but you follow through on the same side as the hit

either foot --- July 24th, 2016

at some point you got to hit– it doesn’t mstter what foot is in front– what is critical is to maintain core balance

one handed backhand --- July 23rd, 2016

on the basic one handed backhand you follow through up and inclined out

knees down feet apart --- July 22nd, 2016

when you bend your knees — the platform stance is — you just drop down– maintaining the foot spread–bonus- returner takes the step in as the toss goes up– more bonus–watch the tossing arm location

leap in --- July 21st, 2016

if the toss is up and in front you want to use your legs and propel into the court-Chardy has one of the biggest leaps

back view 2 handed backhand --- July 20th, 2016

back view of the 2 handed backhand– both elbows up rotate over the shoulder