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more counter punch --- September 1st, 2014

Evert said all the top players ase use to pace and when it is off they have troubles — tough cookies– one of my standard lines is that that you don’t get a vote how the opponent plays you must have the experience to know how to defeat all styles of play

start balance --- September 1st, 2014

DSC_8328 the favorite pro start is to have the relaxed body– spinning the racquet to keep more relaxed and have the hands soft– as the player moves in on the toss you straighten up to core balance– bonus grip is is in the forehand position– anything is correct

rope a dope --- August 31st, 2014

watch Kronic win 2 matches by ;looping most of her shots back and having Keys and Kvitava hit the ball out– when you are plying a counter puncher you must be very patient– the opponent is doing nothing to bet you– – so stop trying to hard and missing –you must understand that this will take some more time– as we have written don’t win the race to lose the point

long pull back --- August 31st, 2014

DSC_8417 not my favorite or desired but Gulbis has the longest pull back on his shots– if it is not broken why fix it

face down --- August 30th, 2014

DSC_8399on the reparation one of the choices is to put the racquet face downward– this will force you to to get more racquet head speed in order to untangle– bonus– eyes over shoulder to track

way back --- August 29th, 2014

DSC_8373if you are going to hit from way past the baseline you need to add a foot of clearance for every foot you are back–otherwise you will hit into the net or very short