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line of arc --- August 30th, 2016

when you use your knees on the serve your line of arc should be straight–bonus tossing hand — thumb to the the sky

CiCi Bellis --- August 29th, 2016

Ny times covers the Open — nice article about CiCi winning today

After Bellis closed out the match by breaking Golubic’s serve, she yelped with joy, thanked the crowd and proceeded to pose for a series of selfies with young fans. She soon retired to a nearby practice court to hit balls for nearly 40 minutes, a postmatch ritual.

“Unless I’m on the ground dying tired, then I’m going and practicing,” she said. “That hasn’t happened yet.”

Sampras feet --- August 29th, 2016

Sampras front foot– toe up- pre loads the weight transfer– back foot heal to the opposite net post– pre sets the shoulder and hip rotation

approach shot --- August 28th, 2016

on the approach shot you want to have your upper body turn- which gets the racquet prepared and have your lower body moving all the way through the hit

overhead --- August 28th, 2016

guest post by Brett Karpman
I believe in the necessity of the scissor kick but not being solely reliant on it. I instill in my juniors to have two game plans with overheads- the offensive overhand which calls for the player to identity the lob early, retreat quickly and retransfer his/her weight taking the overhead more life a serve. The strike point and lower body balance is easier to control in this manner and creates an aggressive nature for the overhead and a more consistent result in early development. I also believe the scissor kick takes more agility that a developing athlete might not or be in the process of having. The scissor kick should be instilled to be a used as plan B or due to necessity due to the nature of the unique timing of hitting a scissor kick overhead and the unbalanced nature of the body. Also the proper landing most be properly coaches as well as head placement on contact of the overhead heavily. I prefer my players to “charge” the overhead and continue the weight to net- rather than chancing a neutral overhead that could be mistimed or have become neutral or defensive due to the strike point.

blitzing --- August 27th, 2016

when you are the baseline and the opponent hits a floating shot toward you — the shot to hit is to step up and hit a ground stroke on the fly– we all this shot Blitzing