closing out

today McHale and Fitz blew closing out matches– one of the biggest match skills is closing out matches– the more you do this the more you do this–as the opponent is down they have nothing to lose so you have to be ready for them to make a big push–


today it was windy in Miami– of all the elements wind is the toughest to deal with — a big part of what level separates is the ability to read and react — the wind gives the ball a whole new dance movement– this becomes a mental toughness day– you need to embrace the wind

feet apart

one of the ways you can add your knee bend to your serve is to just drop down from your service start stance

more practice

David one of my hitting partners watched both Nadal and Federer practice at IW– Nadal practiced for 2 hours hitting as hard as he could only working his strokes— Federer practiced for only 55 minutes and practiced all the elements of his game– when Tim Gullickson worked with Sampras they talked about practicing less time but with more purpose