Day 4 traditionally produces 16 of the happiest men in tennis. This year only 14 qualifiers can be determined today owing to rain delays from yesterday.
Cold but dry weather greets me as I start in new stands on Court 11. Taylor Fritz plays well to beat Millot in three. He’s this year’s first happy qualifier. Go Fritzi. I stay in my seat for Willis vs Marchenko. A year ago Willis played a charming match against Federer on Centre Count. He is outplayed in 3 sets but it’s good fun as he hits many drop shots and looping balls.
Lastly, I see the final game of Stakhovsky winning 8-6 over Ito before joining Rublev and Mathieu at a set each and 3-3 in the third. Good drama in this set as Mathieu serves at 11-10 in the tiebreaker, Rublev makes a miracle net cord dribbler and takes the 3rd in a 13-11 tiebreaker.
The 4th doesn’t lack for drama as they reach 4-4 having traded breaks twice. Rublev takes the next two for the match.
I got lucky today as it was close to raining the entire day but was dry throughout.
Looking forward to the main event on Monday.

making the cut

Do you have what it takes to be a Ball Boy or Ball Girl at Wimbledon

Every year, between 700 and 1,000 young people apply to be a Wimbledon Ball Boy or Ball Girl (BBG for short). With the average age of each applicant being just 15 years old and the possibility of only 250 applicants being able to make it to the courts, it is truly an exclusive and well-earned position

DID YOU KNOW… 2.2million strawberries are expected to be consumed
during the two-week period in SW19, and cost on an average 5 times
more than those at your local Aldi?

early and tight

on the backhand preparation you want to get a early turn and keep the the racquet rotation close to your body


Name the Tennis Player Under the Towel

Tennis players are some of the most recognisable on the planet. Anyone with an interest in the sport will be aware of names such as Andy Murray and Serena Williams and what they look like. Unsurprisingly, recognise these players becomes much harder when they are wiping the sweat of their head with their towel. How many players can you recognize?
Play it yourself here: from

making the 4

with the tossing hand –Pete’s tip- thumb to the sky — ours- make a four with the rest of the fingers– – thus closing the side doors-let go of the ball only on the top door

more four up

on the serve get the elbow up the racquet’s bottom label up to the sky and keep your head and eyes up