up and out

on the serve the hit motion is a ball throw — both up and out– to teach the release we play football catch

head to wrist angle

om your base stroke and volley you need to lock your wrist and racquet head angles– so even stretched out on a volley you want the racquet’s tip to the side and racquet head up

why Yank

on the run your body may block the rotation– so you pull up for top spin finishing on the same side as the start– thus Yanking up

why a duck

on the I formation the net person goes to the middle of the court and ducks down– that player will break after the serve lands to the left or right– the server goes near the middle on his side serving over the net player’s duck down body

backhand volley

on the backhand volley– we like the breakout to be in front of the body– racquet head about 4 inches above the wrist– tip to the side — keep the racquet head and hand up on the whole drive