good sports

Krygios admits he doesn’t want work hard– yesterday in the match with Millman both were great sports– they may be friends and teammates on Davis cup but i never saw this before

Millman on a shot that was called out told Nick to challenge — on a serve Millman went — not sure and Nick went it was out

elbow up label up

CoCo won today in 3– part of what makes her serve so big a few 120mph is that she gets her elbow up and drops the wrist so the racquet’s bottom label is to the sky– this helps the hitting up

wreck the product

Sharapova is tough to watch with al the screaming– but dropping to her knees after first round win and then crying — sorry unwatchable

making one of the top players play until 2am what sport does that

land balanced

after you hit the serve you need to land balanced and quickly move all the way in to volley or get back behind the baseline to stroke– if you land off balanced the next shot becomes very difficult