backhand volley

on the backhand volley– racquet in front of the body–racquet head kicked about 4 inches above wrist level– slight lead of the bottom edge of the racquet for underspin

drop shot

one of the ways to hit a drop shot is to come down on the hit and stop the follow through

don’t miss

there are shots that beat you up and there are shots you can’t get to– however if the shot is a reasonable ball– basically a rally shot- one that you have made in the past and will make it in the future– it is showtime – so make it now–hold your focus and deliver your video– at IW even the pros had these shots escape–

center the racquet

after you hit a shot that you are following to the net you must get your racquet centered up and in front of your body

drive the slice

once you make contact on the slice hit you want to drive out– big person concept is to accelerate through the hit