match play

1. play the way you practice– practice the way you play
2. develop a game plan- including learning when to use your shots
3. learn to deal with all the shots your opponent can throw at you
4. learn to problem solve on the fly
5. every ball matters– learn to fight all match
6. learn to deal with distractions
7. learn how to make yourself comfortable– towels- drinks– food

levels of growth

1. drops or the ball machine to get an understanding of your stroke
2. fed ball– starting to pick variation of the hit
3. live hitting — again starting to learn to read and react
4. point playing– putting to use your skills
5. match play-dealing with stress and developing a play program
tomorrow levels of growth in match play

Roland Garrros is on for two weeks try and watch and learn

jam volley

on the jam volley pull your leg away and pull your hitting arm in keeping the racquet head up