more topspin

to get more top spin make sure you find the bottom of the ball and hit up– get the racquet and your back knee below flight path

return partner

we named these positions after Felice Lopez– the partner is in L3— when your partner is having some success avoiding the opposite net player — if the shot goes away from the net player she moves in– if it goes to the net player she moves back

our last day

just finished up our 5 days at the Open– we still have great seats on the Armstrong– certainly was hotter than usual– got to see the roof closed– saw all our regular Open friends and saw the Bands Visit– saw lots of great tennis — best match was today Thiem over Anderson —had 4 people shooting pictures for our site – food was worst and more expensive at the Open– best advise bring your own

deep to deep

when you are playing one up and one back doubles — the deep player should hit to the deep player– be patient