both back

in doubles often on the return side both players are back trying to work there way back into the net–when your partner is having trouble returning or avoiding the opposite net player go back and let your returner aim generic– also if you are playing a great poacher — go back

on the serve side if as the net player you are getting beat up — go back and join the server

both cover

when the wall is there and the pass goes in the middle it is both players responsibility to cover the shot–

edge leads then pronate

on the serve motion with the continental or backhand grip the edge of the racquet leads than you need to pronate out to present some surface to hit the shot

part 3 body serving

when the toss is in front of you — go up and get it — landing in front of the baseline is an aftermath of the toss being in front–

ideally most players want the toss just slightly higher than they can reach and go up and get it– few have tried to hit the toss on the way up–Curren and Tanner were the foremost at this and one is in jail–Sharapova tosses the ball to the sky and lets it drop 3 + feet– tough to hold her balanced if it is windy the toss goes all over– that’s why she can double fault 15 times a match

part 2 body serving

there are 2 parts to getting the toss in front of you
1. the toss dance– you must baby lean into the court– some rock back– then go in– some preload the Sampras style by parking the weight back before the start and some do this from neutral like Roddick
2. your tossing arm must slight angle in